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The nine Houses are historically named after important persons. The idea of the school was originated by the Chiefs for their sons, Balangira and the Church actively participated by providing the teachers especially the Headmasters. So the names of the Houses/Dormitories. Each one of them has a distinct colour.

Brewer House

is named after the Rev. H.A. Brewer Headmaster. He spearheaded the relocation of the school from Kamuli to the present day site.

Coates House

is named after the Rev. F.G. Coates the longest serving Headmaster so far and arguably the most revered and remembered.

Hannington House

is named after Bishop Hannington. One of the first CMS missionaries. He was murdered in Kyando – Busoga.

Nabikamba House

is named after one of the founding Busoga chiefs.

Nadiope House

is named after a prominent Busoga Chief; the initiator of the idea of Busoga High School later to become Busoga College Mwiri.It is the first house one sees when he or she enters the great college. One of the best students that exhibited God fearing values by the name Wanyama Edrine lived in this Great House between the years 2000 to 2003. The house is also known for its unbeatable record of always being the best in games and sports and playing a guidance role to other houses when it comes to hygiene for its out standing cleanliness.

Presidents House

is named after the Presidents of the Busoga governing council of chiefs The Lukiiko.

Wako House

is named after another prominent Busoga Chief.

Willis House

is named after Bishop Willis of the Church of Uganda.

Wilson House

is named after Rev. Wilson of the Church of Uganda

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  1. Kakaire Charles

    I want to thank all the Old Boys who are pooling resources to renovate the houses. Please don’t get tired, just go on and on.

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